SSCS15D is a custom instrument based on the legendary Yamaha CS15D with some big additions. We combined the bright and recognizable character of the synth with sparkling spaces and an intuitive, flexible gate sequencer. Use the CS15D without limiting yourself to any specific music genres. It's perfect for everything from powerful, roaring bass lines as well as recreating the sounds of neon pads from the 80s and the style of 8-bit tracks. Be sure to add this powerful new instrument to your collection!
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We saved the heart of the synthesizer while carefully
and accurately capturing every voice and the brilliance parameter. By switching voices or adjusting the brilliance filter settings, you’ll get the full feeling of working with
an hardware synthesizer, in which you can hear all of the fine sound details.
The Heart
The original version of the synthesizer didn’t have spatial effects. But in this instrument, you’ll have access to various spatial presets! They were created using the best software and legendary processors, such as the Bricasti M7 and Eventide Eclipse, and will fill your music with character and depth!
The Space
The CS15D has a flexible, intuitive gate sequencer that makes your sounds come to life! You can create any rhythmic pattern by using the various play modes and sequencing from 2 to 32 steps with precise velocity control!
Moving in Steps
We added and set up default ADSR parameters
to the instrument. By customizing these parameters,
you can easily change the timbre to sculpt sharp percussive sounds or soft, smoothly rising textures.
Amily Lee - The Runner

Artem Gribov - Glow

John Collins - Trailer

Artem Gribov - Right Now

Randy Perlman - Let's Play The Game